Babies Only (0-8 months)


About the Program

You might be wondering what your newborn could possibly take away from a music class and how old they have to be before they can benefit.  At Music Together®, we know it's never too early to get babies started in class! Your little one is a natural-born music-maker, ready to start learning music at birth.

As in everything, you are your baby's first and best teacher. But don't get nervous! When you sing in the car and dance in the living room, you're showing your baby how to make music and that making music is important to your family. That's all your baby needs from you—musically, at least! (Food, clothing, and shelter are useful, too.)

In the Music Together Babies class, for infants from birth through 8 months, you'll learn a lot of fun musical activities for babies. You'll also learn to recognize which of your baby's behaviors are musical so that you can support their development at the time when your baby's brain is at its most receptive.

Yes! Music is a whole brain activity and during infancy the brain is developing at a faster rate than at any other time of their lives, so the infant brain is the ideal brain to expose to musical experiences! Infants’ participation will seem passive at first, as they actively absorb what they are seeing, hearing and feeling. Throughout each semester, Music Together teachers help caregivers learn to recognize their infant’s musical responses and point out musical milestones. As their bodies and nervous systems mature, infants often show progressively more complex musical responses and evidence of song recognition. Parents will learn in class how to nurture their child’s music development and how to create or enhance the musical bond with their child. 

The Babies class has other benefits, too! Singing and dancing with your baby is a beautiful way for the two of you to bond. And making music with other parents of newborns is a great way to make new friends in your community who are as sleep deprived as you!


What age are the infants in a babies class? Infants range from only a few weeks old to several months in this program! Babies will range anywhere from 3-6 months at the start of the semester. We recommend infants older than six months register for mixed-age classes. The babies are non-mobile for the majority of the semester. If your baby is crawling before the start of the semester you may want to consider a mixed-age class. Feel free to contact the office to discuss: (917) 517-6401.

My baby is under 8 months. Should I take a babies class or a mixed age class. What’s the difference? The Babies class is structured in much the same way as a mixed-age class. In both classes your teacher will lead you through a variety of activities, facilitating fun and creative ways for you to interact musically with your baby. The main difference lies in parent education. Because the infants are non-mobile, there is a calmer energy in this class which allows the teacher more opportunities to explain the ‘whys’ behind the ‘whats’ and to point out emerging musical behaviors.

I have already taken a babies class but my child is still under 8 months. Can I register for a Babies class again? No. The Babies program is a one semester introduction to Music Together, the primary goal being to give adults the tools they will need to interact with their babies in a mixed-age environment. Once you have those tools, you will want to integrate your baby into a mixed-age class where she can learn both from you AND by watching and imitating the older children in the room!

At what age should I start class with my baby? Now! Babies learn music the same way they learn language; by being immersed in it. Just as it is never too early to start talking to your baby, it is never too early to start singing with your baby.

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